Adair LookDr. Look understands that patients need an individualized approach to their varied mental health needs. She is committed to providing this in a warm and unhurried environment.

Dr. Look provides a full psychiatric evaluation for each patient and collaborates with the patient as well as with any other treatment providers that the patient specifies. She recognizes that a patient centered team approach has been shown to be the most effective way to promote change in people's lives.

Dr. Look provides individual therapy with or without medication management to her adult patients. She recognizes the benefits to receiving both therapy and medication management from one clinician. When a patient already has a strong and productive bond with a therapist, Dr. Look is happy to provide medication management while working in concert with the patient and his or her therapist. In addition, Dr. Look regularly provides consultation for other psychiatrists in cases such as eating disorders and pregnancy/post partum, highly specialized arms of psychiatry. When patients and families need education around the treatment of and support of a patient, Dr. Look will meet with the patient and family and friends.

More recently, Dr. Look has expanded the scope of her practice to reflect the full range of approaches in modern psychiatry. In the last 5 years research in Mind-Body medicine has exploded showing that Western Medicine is only a piece of a larger way of supporting health and wellness. It is becoming increasingly clear that in order to fully address mental health, physical health and overall well-being, a variety of modalities need to be used. Meditation, nutrition, exercise, biofeedback and other techniques aimed at understanding our individual psychology and physiology better are clearly being shown to decrease stress, anxiety, depression, heart disease, substance abuse, infectious disease, gastrointestinal illness and cancer survival rates, to name a few. Dr. Look has been training in many of these modalities for the last five years, earning a certificate in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy from The Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy as well as completing advanced training with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

Adult Psychiatry

HarvardDr. Look completed her Adult Psychiatry training at the Harvard program of Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital. Training in these programs include Psychodynamic psychotherapy, group therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, dialectic behavior therapy, supportive therapy as well as other modalities.

Dr. Look trained with the world's experts in psychopharmacology. She understands the complex chemistry behind these medications as well as the importance of the judicious use of them.

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